Why You Need to Try Dermalogica

I was one of the lucky few to receive an Introductory gift box from Dermalogica Barbados, so i wanted to share my findings with you guys! I have problematic skin so i was anxious about the results of these products.

My package included a Precleanse, a Daily Microfoliant and a Stress Positive Eye Lift. On their site it states that the Precleanse is best for normal to oily skin, it helps melt away impurities and make-up from skin and also aids in removing excess oil.

The Daily Microfoliant is their #1 seller worldwide, it helps with uneven skin tone, exfoliation, brightens and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
And lastly the Stress Positive Eye Lift is for anyone who has issues with dark circles or puffiness under their eyes, it also improves skin luminosity and lifts the eye area.


Photography by Jason Edey

This is actually my FIRST skin care product review!
Keep in mind my results might not be the same as yours because i have eczema. With that said, this is my experience with these products.

Step One: The Precleanse felt nice and light on my face and after i washed it off it still left my face moisturised. It has a light citrus scent that left it feeling FRESH!

Step Two: I expected the Daily Microfoliant to be too rough on my skin at first, but it was not harsh on my skin at all. I also like that it is a powder and you only need to use a little, the required amount is half a teaspoon.

Step Three: Under my eyes tend to have dark circles and puffiness, so i was excited to try the Stress Positive Eye Lift! After i applied the product under my eye i got a tingling sensation and then after i had massaged the excess product, i started to notice the puffiness under my eye disappearing.

So maybe you are wondering which one i like best?

*Drum Roll*

My favourite was the Precleanse ! I really liked how my skin felt after i washed it off. From experiencing other cleansers, they have a tendency to leave my skin extremely dry. So i was happy that this one did not.


Photography by Jason Edey

This was my first time using Dermalogica, i wanted to share my experience with anyone who was interested in changing their skincare routine or anyone that wanted an honest review of these products!

Dermalogica Barbados Offers:

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 4.38.01 PM

For more information about Dermalogica Barbados check out their website, which has the full range of their products!

Share this with a friend who wants to change up their skin care routine!

N.B. This was not a paid review!

Thank you for reading !!

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12 thoughts on “Why You Need to Try Dermalogica

  1. I’ve been hearing about their exfoliating powder from everyone and I can’t wait wait to try it. I found your post very helpful lovely. Looking forward to your future posts. Thanks for sharing. 🌺

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  2. This is one product I have been thinking of trying ,most medicated cleansers leave my skin dry or worse with break outs .Looks like this one suited you .

    Liked by 1 person

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