A Sunday At The Beach








Thank you for all your comments in my previous post guys! Just to clear up some misunderstandings, I live in Barbados, I was not on vacation and Jason Edey takes my pictures.
Now that we got that out of the way!

Going to the beach on Sundays has become a thing and I kinda like it; its refreshing and in that short space of time I forget about the impending week ahead. These pictures were taken with my cell phone and edited by me *does a curtsey*

Normally on a Sunday you would find me cooped up in my room sulking and in denial, repeating to myself, “tomorrow can’t be Monday already” like a mentally ill person. So instead i walked.. yes walked to the beach and just breathed in some salty air and snapped some pictures.
What have you done out of the norm recently?

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Thank you for reading!

‘Go Out There & Do You’

27 thoughts on “A Sunday At The Beach

  1. Seeing these pictures makes me miss my time living in Florida. I miss the beach for sure! The beautiful sunsets and sunrises. I miss the warm sand and hearing the waves. Loved seeing this post and remembering my days back there!

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  2. Love the sunset and who doesn’t enjoy a sunset on a Sunday evening! I guess it is one of the best thing to do, to get some peace and have a quiet moment with our mother nature. I enjoy how the color changes within blink second. Hence, we needed to stay at the moment and enjoy every single seconds. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!

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  3. I always wished I lived in a city with a beach, when I make enough money, I want to live close by the beach.

    It is such a wonderful place to just read, people watch eat my favorite sandwich or contemplate about life.

    Beach life, so jealous! But your pictures are so amazing and true that about the weekend lol. I almost hate sunday cuz Monday is so close. Have a good week!

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