A Sunday At The Beach










Thank you for all your comments in my previous post guys! Just to clear up some misunderstandings, I live in Barbados, I was not on vacation and Jason Edey takes my pictures.

Now that we got that out of the way!

Going to the beach on Sundays has become a thing and I kinda like it; its refreshing and in that short space of time I forget about the impending week ahead. These pictures were taken with my cell phone and edited by me *does a curtsey*

Normally on a Sunday you would find me cooped up in my room sulking and in denial, repeating to myself, “tomorrow can’t be Monday already” like a mentally ill person. So instead i walked.. yes walked to the beach and just breathed in some salty air and snapped some pictures.

What have you done out of the norm recently?

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Thank you for reading!

‘Go Out There & Do You’

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