What is BIMHAUS?

Love  fashion and music?  Then you’ll love BIMHAUS! 

BIMHAUS is a platform that was created for fashion designers, Dj’s, live musicians and all the creatives involved in the fashion industry, focusing on mostly up and coming photographers, makeup artists, bloggers, and other dope creatives in Barbados.

Quality is a top priority when it comes to the fashion and music that is shared at each event. The purpose is to show the best of the best that Barbados has to offer. The name BIMHAUS is broken down into two parts.

BIM, is the beloved nickname for Barbados and HAUS, is spelled in a European way of saying house, representing fashion houses and house music.

When the founder, DJ D.Luxe was traveling in Amsterdam years ago, she came upon the HAUS spelling and envisioned doing something in Barbados, that would give people a feeling & sense as if they’re not in Barbados if only for a moment, creating something fresh that is not something traditionally Caribbean.

After every fashion show is the after party which generally gets everybody on the dance floor. And it also gives everybody a sense of being in another world, experiencing something totally fresh and different in a free and safe space, while dressing in your most fashionable garb.  Dionna/ DJ D.Luxe

BIMHAUS Episode No. 5

This was my first time attending BIMHAUS, it was their 5th edition of the event. I had also invited some friends to get their feedback of the event. BIMHAUS was hosted by Gabrielle Davida and was held at Bluberry Beach Club.

Photography by: Rewati & Sudarshani Dukhi

Doors opened at 2:30, the fashion show started at 4 pm sharp and the party ran until 8pm.

Featured Designers                                        

Blac Flamingo




Bev’s Bespoke Jewelry





Jitafa was one of my favorites! I loved how the different nude designs went back with the embroidery and how the models rocked it on the runway.

I love to see swimwear with different designs, other than than the normal designs you  would see in a store and Blac Flamingo pulled off this collection with her eye catching African print collection!

Live Performances by                             

   Wesu Wallace

Onika Best


Special Guest                                             

     DJ Misbehavior

Sounds by 


DJ D.Luxe

Nick Ahren

DJ Paul DeCoteau

These DJs are also part of Identity. Here’s a short interview with one of the members, to get a taste of what it’s all about.

Interview with JaseOne

Q: what is Identity?

A: Identity is a coming together of four DJs to share unique music taste.

Q: What is your podcast about?

A: All different kinds of musical topics, nothing specific, but it always ends off with a musical note.

Q: Who should listen to your podcast?

A: Anyone who is interested in listening in on 

conversations about the latest topics in music, as we put a local twist on it via our experiences.

If that sounds like you check out their Instagram and stay tuned for their next podcast!

Photography by: Rewati Dukhi

Behind The Scenes

So far in our adventures, Google Maps has been a big help to find locations. Shout out to Google maps!

On our way to Bluberry Beach Club I tried to catch a quick video of the scenery. Once again I come to realize doing videography is hard, especially in a moving car.

As soon as I exited the car I regret wearing heels. But I thought, ya know what, how often do I wear heels?  

As I strutted my stuff while trying to get in some videos and pictures and desperately try to socialize, I could feel the ache in my feet starting to set in.

Anywayyyyy ….other than that I really liked my BIMHAUS experience, it was different and the location was pretty chill. The live music was very relaxing and everything fused together nicely.

I asked my friends if they also enjoyed their experience and they said yes, that they would also return to BIMHAUS!

I think there is a desperate need for new and different events in Barbados like BIMHAUS. At BIMHAUS I heard live performances from artists I’ve never heard and different music from DJ Misbehavior.

Here’s a short recap of BIMHAUS Episode No.5 



‘Go Out There & Do You’

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