5 Back To School Tips

Agenda or Planner

Its super important to stay organised, i know it can be hectic especially if you have new classes and you have to get used to new teachers etc. I believe it would benefit you to get a planner and write down your classroom number, teacher’s’ name, study guide, your class schedules etc.

I have found some printable planners for you from a site called Scattered Squirrel, even if you are not in school but would like to be more organised, they have several different kinds of planners that you can download and print out.

I wish i thought about this in school, my “planner” was just random scribbles in the back of a book, which i often misplaced (Sigh). Here’s your FREE printable planner

Write Down Your Goals

What would you like to achieve this school year? Finally join that extra curricular activity that you wanted to join ever since and aid in your gpa? Or do you simply want to pass every course you are doing?

Write that down so you can know how much work and time you have to put into accomplish that!

Set goals for yourself and remember to be positive about it, tell yourself you are getting that A in Maths, speak it into existence! Do not let anyone or anything distract you from accomplishing those goals.

Here’s how i survived college .. barely I hope this encourages you to keep pushing through, despite life’s challenges.

Stick To A Schedule

We all have or had that favourite topic we tend to give more attention to. If you have a study guide and work guide make sure that you stick to it.

 If you do not write down your assignments, upcoming quizzes or projects and stick to a work schedule, you may find yourself in shambles and behind in your school work.

If you stick to your schedule you could be ahead of your class and even learn new topics in the syllabus before it has been taught.

Find A Quiet Place To Study

By now you should know the best method for you to study, whether it be, in the library, in a group or by yourself at home. If you still don’t know, test them out and see whether studying alone or studying in a group best suits you.

Find a place with no distractions, resist going on your phone etc. I think school was just not for me, I hated study groups, the school library would still be noisy and annoying with the slight whispering from a distance and pitter patter of feet and studying at home was difficult where there is so many distractions and other more interesting things to do than study.


Yes it’s important to be super focused on your school work and push yourself, blah blah but it’s also important to take a break.

Know your limits, take at least one day off to give your brain a rest. I know you are thinking, how can I relax when I have assignments due? But if you don’t give yourself a chance to relax, you could overwork yourself.



I hope that this helped, let me know if there’s anything I should add on.

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