My College Experience

My college experience was pretty bittersweet. I decided to study Marketing and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The first semester was brutal, I started to get anxiety like never before, to the point where my stomach would hurt on my way to school.

In addition to the anxiety, my eczema got worse, I had discoloration on my neck and arms that were five times lighter than my skin tone and I could not wear jean pants at one point, because I would get heat rash on my legs (which feels like a million ants running on you).

The discoloration got so bad, that I began to get questions like, what’s that on your arm? What’s that on your neck? I was so tempted to wear long sleeve shirts to school to avoid these questions.

It was so annoying!

Around exam time I started to get cramps and felt nauseous all the time, it was so bad that I was walking like I was at least ninety years old. Results came out and I failed three subjects which were prerequisites for other courses.

I was like, oh how wonderful!

My grades were so low that I was considering quitting, I worked at a clinic as a summer job and told my employer about my struggles in college. She encouraged me to push myself and not give up and stated that I would regret my decision in the future.

So I told myself.. Ya know what ..she’s right! I need to just get this sh*t done. Next semester the anxiety was even worse.

The results came out and my heart just sank into my stomach. What if I fail again? Would I have to sell coconuts for the rest of my life? (Not that there is anything wrong with selling coconuts, but i would most likely slice off my hand with the machete, trying to open the coconut). All of these kind of thoughts circulated in my mind.

I remembered I got a B, a couple C’s and one F. I was not too stoked about the fail, but I was surprised that I passed Business Maths. Me passing Maths was never a thing..ever. So I was proud that I improved on that part.

Fast forward to last semester. This semester was the chillest, because I had less courses to complete and I made a goal that I would stay at the top of my work all semester and I did better than I thought I would.

I was finally done and never felt more relieved, no more teachers putting you down every chance they get, no more having to do group projects with people who would not do any work, no more exams!

Oh the joy!

When I got that letter in the mail, that I had completed my degree, it was all worth it. I can not explain how I felt, I just read the paper in disbelief.

If you truly want to do something, do not give in when times are rough. It will be worth it in the end!

It’s also important to have people around encouraging you to not give up and to just keep pushing through.



“Go Out There & Do You”

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