Kadooment Day Recap

Costume: Arua Experience

Photography: Dennis Leupold

So I had a spontaneous moment and decided to capture Kadooment as best as I could, take some pictures and maybe get some video clips and fuse it all together to make something magical.

Photography: Kristopher Streek

As soon as I got by the stadium, I realized I had forgotten to put on sunscreen, the sun was brutal and showed no mercy.

I knew that my skin would punish me later, but I pressed on. “Maybe if I just keep moving it won’t be as bad”, I remember thinking.

Photography: Jim Jordan

Costume: Krave

Later down the road I could hear my feet crying for me to stop and my skin sizzling from the merciless sun. 

But still, I pressed on. I could see the sun taking its toll on other people too but they were too busy enjoying themselves.

Photography: Bajantube

I found a rock to sit on, I never felt so happy to see a rock. As I sat there it dawned on me that Kadooment was about feeling good and just letting go.

I never really thought about jumping til that moment. I mean who wouldn’t want to be in a pretty costume with photographers taking pictures of them every step of the way.

Photography: Shane Leacock

Costume: Zulu International

Every time an individual passed, several photographers would appear out of nowhere and snap away.

It made the jumpers feel good, I witnessed them smiling from ear to ear as the photographers captured them in the moment.

Photography: Jason Edey

My time on the rock was brief, I was soon motioned to get up by my other spontaneous friends to continue down the road.

“Trust you to remember to put on primer before your makeup, but not sunscreen”, I quarrelled with myself.

Costume: Arua Experience

Images like this one above, made me want to buy a costume right there and then and jump.

At this point we were desperately trying to catch up with the bands and the jumpers, they were moving slow but it felt as if they were getting away from us.

Costume: Baje International

I definitely learnt that photography and videography is hard, I remember trying to take a picture and the person moved as soon as I took the picture and I felt like I could go and pick them up like a dolly and place them back in the same position and take the shot.

As we tried to keep up with these dancing dollies, we started to understand that the sun was only now showing us who’s boss. It was around midday and the sun was full out. I was already through at least three bottles of water.

Costume: Baje International

As different bands passed it appeared as if the sun was not even a bother to the jumpers as they celebrated to songs like, “Split in De Middle, We De Baddest, Wa Typa Wood Ya Want? and “I Wan Give It To Ya”.

Photography: Jason Edey

Costume: Xhosa 

Our adventure stopped shorter than expected, as the sun was a killer and our feet were ready to detach from our bodies, our stomachs got the best of us. As it was around three and we were now scavenging for food.

Photography: Jason Edey

I’m currently writing this post, two shades darker and looking like a snake that is shedding, I still can’t get over how I forgot my sunscreen. Nonetheless i’m glad I got out the house and had fun capturing people enjoying themselves.

Kadooment is also an experience for spectators, as it encourages you to live your life to the fullest!



I would like to thank the photographers for allowing me to use their pictures in this post!

For more information about Kadooment click here  

My Instagram: _samanthaharrison

My Twitter: _samharr


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