Me Through Comics

Talking about yourself can be awkward, so I came up with a way for you to get to know me better through these comics.

I thought they were funny and represented my different characteristics well, unfortunately i could not find all that i wanted.

But ..I figured that this would be something fun for you and a new friend to do, to get to know one another better and have fun doing it !

This is me through comics!

(Laughter) This is me at least ninety nine point nine percent of the day so it is usually that I am bored.

If I gave into this thought on a daily basis I would probably be overweight by now.

I really need to get back into an exercising routine, because this is me whenever I run, ready to fall over and die.

I could be super busy or mid conversation and suddenly I am thinking, is my cat ok? 

What is he doing?

These comics were produced by Floperrydraws

(Hides face) I have a really bad habit of overthinking everything, including blog posts. I would think a post would be a  good idea and I should write about it, then mid way I would have the desire to delete the whole thing.

Very determined and fully committed at night and by morning, it is like nah I’ll start tomorrow.

These comics were produced by Loryn Brantz

Oh my God!

I am the worst when it comes to remembering names! It is not like I have a bad memory, names just do not register properly in my brain. (I am weird, I know)

Last but not least, period time. This is what it is like to have irregular periods, oh the joy!

If you are a boy and reading this you’re so lucky!

These comics were produced by Marista Patrinos



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                           β€˜Go Out There & Do You ! ’ 

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