My Costume Picks For Kadooment ’17

Grand Kadooment is just around the corner and as usual designers have worked very hard to produce costumes that would help enhance your experience.

It is Barbados’ biggest national festival, which involves dancing, drinking, music and of course colorful costumes!

Sounds fun right?

Kadooment is not just for the adults but also the kids, at ‘Junior Kadooment’ on July 29th and there is also ‘Foreday Morning’ on August 4th, which is a nighttime party that involves paint and mud!

Grand Kadooment is the first monday in August and the road is filled with many different spectacular costumes.

It attracts many people from all over the world including celebrities like Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton and international models such as Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman and of course Rihanna.

Without further ado, here are my top five favorite costumes for this year!


     Photography by: Kristopher Streek

Photography by : Shane Leacock

This costume is by ‘Fantasy’ and it is called ‘Queen of The Band’ and was designed by Kirk Thomas.

As soon as I saw it I was in love! I like how the purple and the red came together elegantly and the jewels were nicely placed.

I could see myself having a lot of fun in this at kadooment. I guess you could say i fantasized myself in it, get it?.. too cheesey? (snickers)

Unfortunately due to certain circumstances Fantasy has canceled this year.

Check out their website 👉  Fantasy

Aura Experience


Look at those feathers!

This vibrant costume is called ‘RADIANCE’, by ‘Aura Experience’ and was designed by Lauren Austin.

I love everything about this, especially how the accessories go so well with the costume, i also tried imagining it without the feather work and the accessories and i still believe that it would be very lovely.

The three colors go together nicely and so do the feathers on the boots. What was also very creative was to include sunglasses, as a sunglasses horder.. i approve!

Aura Experience is the first kadooment band to be completely sold out!

Check out their website 👉 Aura Crop Over Experience



Personally, what I like to see in costumes is high quality, colors that pop and a well thought out combination of feathers and headpiece.

And this costume has it all! I even like the name, ‘Pharaoh’s Revenge’ by ‘Krave the Band’. I really admire how the gold ties everything together, the placement of the feathers and of course that magnificent head piece.

This was designed by Tracy Boyce and the beautiful feather work was done by Douglas John.

Check out their website 👉 Krave


   Photography by: Shane Leacock  

 Photography by : Eli Graham                     

This costume is more on the lighter side with less feathers than the previous costumes that i have featured above.

Less is more right?

This costume is called ‘Merlenia’ by ‘Xhosa’ and was designed by Tanya Duncan.

I love this costume because it is elegant and lightweight and the colors just pop! The accessories are also nicely placed and movable.

Some accessories may become uncomfortable or annoying while dancing but this looks very comfortable.

Check out their website 👉 Xhosa

Baje International


Lastly ‘GARUDA’ by ‘Baje International’, and was designed by Claude Desir. The first thing that I fell in love with was the head piece, because i do not think i have ever seen a headpiece like this before.

The whole costume is different, vibrant and fun and i also like that the accessories are placed by the hips, because when dancing it would move with your hips and would sure to cause a scene.

By the way..this costume is also customizable!

Here’s a link to their website 👉 Baje International

No, i did not forget the men!

I also liked this design for men, I am not totally sure what men prefer to wear while they jump.

But I like the accessories and how the necklace can be worn even after your experience. 

This piece is also by Aura, called ‘Prosperity’.

This is ‘Gnaoua’ by Erup the band. 

This head piece would be a lovely souvenir and I could just imagine, how nice this would look on the road.

I hope this post educated you more about Kadooment, the various costume bands and encouraged you to participate in Kadooment in the future!

                                                                                                                  THANK YOU FOR READING!


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‘Go Out There & Do You ! ’

Fantasy (Pictures by : Kristopher Streek & Shane Leacock)

Xosha (Pictures by : Shane Leacock & Eli Graham)

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