How It Is To Deal With Problematic Skin

I wanted to write this post to start with something personal, give an eye opener on how it is to deal with eczema everyday, share my story and spread some encouragement.

Here we  go !

Dealing with eczema is very teeth grinding, I do not have it in certain parts, I have it all over. My skin is discolored, turns red when it feels like and likes to be super dry eighty percent of the time and it peels, so it basically does whatever it feels like. Flare ups would increase the redness, dryness and discoloration. The stress of college, showed me how easy it was for my skin, to go from zero to one hundred.

Unfortunately I have gotten accustomed to questions like, “what is that on your arm?”, “why is your neck like that?” “Don’t you use sunblock?” What you should keep in mind if you have a skin problem etc, is that people will be people. People will stare no matter what, it is inevitable. So you kinda have to embrace that and not let it get to you.

Dealing with sensitive skin feels like you are in a prison, especially if you are like me that has tried every cream known to man. If you have low self esteem you would not feel like going anywhere, because you would be thinking that that is all people see, when they see you.

If I let my eczema be the ruler of me I would be a recluse by now. So do not let your weight,anxiety etc rule you, because you might wake up years from now and think, why didn’t I do this? Why didn’t I pursue my dream?

I do not believe in the saying. “Other people have it worse than you do”, I believe in, “embrace it and deal with it”. It might sound harsh but that is what you have to do. For example, if you are not at your ideal weight, then you know you have to make some changes in your diet and exercise. That is dealing with it and embracing a change in your life.



I hope that you enjoy my posts so far, feel free to leave a nice comment !

6 thoughts on “How It Is To Deal With Problematic Skin

  1. I absolutely love how confident you are! I have very bad social anxiety and it keeps me from going out sometimes to be with my friends. But lately, I’ve been making monthly goals on my blog and with it I’ve been getting a lot better at dealing with it and I feel much more confident 💙


      1. Thank you for this comment. I think writing and getting my story out there helps me because in return, I meet people who have struggled with the same thing. Since I’m an introvert it’s hard for me to speak in person but behind a screen I can be a social butterfly


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